FreeDOS is an operating system for PC Compatible, and DOS compatible computers that is an open source reimplementation of PC/MS/DR-DOS. This is one of the greatest Operating Systems of our day, as it gives us a real PC-DOS compatible OS without the licensing issues, and has support for more modern hardware in many cases.

FreeDOS comes with everything you would expect in a DOS compatible OS, as well as a lot more. There are included a number of compilers, assemblers, linkers, File Navagators, File Viewers, Graphics tools, Web Browsers, networking tools, etc.

This is one Operating System I am likely to

cover quite often, just for its usefulness. I think it likely that there is more useful software that runs on DOS compatible OSes than any other still kept up Operating System. I know there are still many people that actively develop software for DOS, and this has been true for 40 years now, can any other make this claim.

Obviously Games will be a large part of the draw of a single tasking OS without any memory protection. With current HW that is extremely fast many of the games require a bit of a slow down, though still run great in DOS today. Runnig DOS natively has many advantages over using emulation, though if you must FreeDOS will work in Emulators like VirtualBox.

I will definitely be talking more about FreeDOS, and some of the history of the commercial DR-DOS and MS/PC-DOS. The history is as important as the current OS.

For those that remember the old days;