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Using Computers:

So many today use computers, knowing almost nothing about the systems they are using, and are supprised when they cause themselves problems. Do you use a table saw without knowing about it? Do you expect a young child without any knowledge of driving to do well at driving a car? Why do people use a tool they know nothing about?

This has been to the detriment of those that use Computers and internetwork access without understanding it. It has also been detrimental to those of us that do understand the tools we are using, as we have to deal with software that is made to attempt to prevent the ones that do not know from making too bad of mistakes. Computers are tools, very useful tools if used correctly, potentially very dangerous if abused. When it was those that understood computing (or were learning to understand computing) that used computers we had a lot fewer problems in using computers.

As another analogy, a tool that can be very helpful, for those that need it, though requires some knowledge and experience to use. The Power Wheelchair is one such tool, able to give the ability to ambulate to some that are not otherwise able to, though yet a person is evaluated to be sure they are high enough functioning to be able to learn to safely use the Power Wheelchair before they can qualify to get and use one. If we think about the safety of using a device that is needed by some people, then why do we not think about knowing how to use tools of the like of computers?

I believe strongly in everyone should have the opertunity to learn how to use computers, and everyone that has a use for these devices should learn to use them. The same for accessing the network of networks known as the internet. Though I feel people should not complain if they cause themselves problems do to not understanding the technology they are using.

Unfortunately the level of knowledge about computers of the average person that makes use of computer is extremely low. There are people that will not know what you are talking about when you ask about there hand held computer (usually smart-phone or tablet), as they do not even associate it as what it is. This is the situation, and one that can only be solved by stopping babying those that need to learn what they are using (if when learning to use a hammer you smash your thumb it is a lesson learned, and no-one elses fault), and educating them.



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