I am a bit of an old school computer user, and mild coder. I have not had a real web presence in the last 20 years, do mostly to dissagreeing with the changing environment of computing. Now that we are in a time of much potential again I felt it appropriate to start to speak on a site that is not tied to any particular sub topic.

Most of what will be spoke about on this site will relate to older computers, with a little about newer Open Source stuff that helps us out.

Site Section Contents:

  • Commodore 8-bit: This is a group of Systems, covering the Commodore 8-bit line.
  • Apple II: One of the great lines of 8-bit Home Computers.
  • MS/PC/FreeDOS: An open source PC-DOS compatible OS. Will also speak about GUI environments that run on top of FreeDOS to a point.
  • Macintosh: The Macintosh System Software, and the computers on which it runs. This is Macintosh System Software 1.1 through Mac OS 7.6.
  • ReactOS: This is an Open Source ground up recreation of a Windows NT 5.2 (read XP) compatible OS. It is still alpha, though it does run a lot of existing software out of box, and supports most NT drivers as well.

It is likely that a section about Atari and another about Amiga computers will apear over time. As I can not use every system all the time, different systems will get more attention while I am using them. Also the only modern Web suitable OS on the list is ReactOS, so it will be in use to varying degrees often, though not often spoken about as it is just a means to an end.

I am thankful for the Internet Archive, as it is one project to maintain data as the others go away. It is a modern day Library of Alexandria. Though what independant party is archiving the Internet Archive? What happens when the Internet Archive dissapears, as all great archives of the past and present do sooner or later?

This page will evolve with time. Whatever ends up here will be from my mind directly to HTML.

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For those that remember the old days;